Kondo Nobuko Plays Beethoven II with "Pathetiqué" will be on next December

The second concert of "Kondo Nobuko Plays Beethoven" series just started from this year will include "Pathequé" and other early piano sonatas by L. v. Beethoven. (May 2019)

Kondo Nobuko Plays Beethoven II
Dec 26, 2019 (Thu) 19:00~
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Recital Hall), Tokyo
   L. v. Beethoven:
        Piano Sonata No.2 A major, Op.2-2
        Piano Sonata No.3 C major, Op.2-3
        Piano Sonata No.7 D major, Op.10-3
        Piano Sonata No.8 C minor, Op.13 "Pathetique"

Thank you very much for coming to my recital

Thanks a lot for everyone who came to my last recital Kondo Nobuko Plays Beethoven I on March 5, 2019.  I would be glad if you enjoyed one of the greatest piano works of the great composer with fresh early works full of enthusiasm.  (May 2019)

Mar 5, 2019 (Tue) 19:00~
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Recital Hall), Tokyo
   L. v. Beethoven:
        Piano Sonata No.1 F minor, Op.2-1
        Piano Trio No.1 E-flat major, Op.1-1
               (Vn. Madoka Sato, Vc. Ryoichi Fujimori)
        Piano Sonta B-flat major, Op.106 "Hammerklavier"


DAAD Christmas Concert

I played "Isoldes Liebestod" by F. Liszt and "The Nutcracker" by Tshaikovsky at the Christmas concert and party hosted by DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) which funded my scholarship to study in Berlin when I was a graduate student. In the party I renewed old friendships, enjoying Glühwein and Stollen. (Dec. 2018)

Christmas concert


Duet with Ms. Yuko Yamaguchi



Opening session

Reunion party

Tatsuo Ikeda Memorial Concert at Nerima Art Museum

I played at Tatsuo Ikeda Memorial Concert at Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo, with violinist Dr. Madoka Sato. Mr. Tatsuo Ikeda is one of the leading avant-garde artists in postwar era in Japan. The program is focused on Tohru Takemitsu with whom Mr. Ikeda was in close relationship through his artistic activities, and it also includes the pieces of J. S. Bach, C. DeBussy, and O. Messiaen who had significant influence on Takemitsu. The piano I played is a square piano, made in 1877 by Steinway & Sons Co., in the possession of the museum. (May 2018)

May 27, 2018 (Sun) 15:00~
Nerima Museum, Tokyo
No need for reservation if you purchased the ticket for the exhibition.

        T. Takemitsu: Distance de fee
        C. Debussy: La fille aux cheveux de lin
        O. Messiaen: Ile de feu 1
        Karen Tanaka: Techno Etude
        J. S. Bach: Goldberg-Variationen "Aria"
        J. S. Bach: Sonaten und Partiten für Violine solo, Partita III "Gavotte"
        C. Debussy: Sonate pour violon et piano

I have come back home

I have just come back home after a year long stay in Berlin. I did lots of research works on Beethoven's music and played in a few concerts over there. I attended various concerts and operas which really stimulated my music mind. I also enjoyed some excursion trips to visit historical locations associated with artists. (Mar. 2018)

St. Thomas Church where J. S. Bach worked as a Kapellmeister for 27 years (Leipzig).


St. Nicholas Church where J. S. Bach premiered many works. The demonstration march originated from here led to the German unification movements in 1989 (Leipzig).



The birth place of J. S. Bach (Bach Museum, Eisenach).


The bedroom in which Goethe spent his last days (Goethe House, Weimar).

I played Beethoven in Berlin

I played Ludwig van Beethoven's "Cello Sonata No.3 (Op.69)" with Mr. Paolo Bonomini, a virtuoso cellist and an assisant of Professor J. P. Maintz in Udk, and "Piano Sonata No.29 - Hammerklavier" on December 1 at Hoffmannsaal of Bechstein, Berlin. Thank you very much everyone for coming! (Dec. 2017)



Visited Slazburg and Bayreuth

I participated in the summer course in Salzburg for two weeks at the end of July and then visited Bayreuth to see the festival. It was very fruitful experience, and a refreshing break as well. I have just retuned to Berlin.(Aug. 2017)



Wagner's residence

Now in Berlin

I have been staying in Berlin since April 3, 2017 on a sabbatical leave from Kunitachi College of Music for a year. (Apr. 2017)


Universität der Künste Berlin

Schloss Charlottenburg

Bonus image: The cat in the hotel

My recital was listed in "Concert Best 10 in 2016" by prestigious Ongaku-no-tomo Journal

My last concert in October 2017 "Kondo Nobuko Piano Recital. Piano Works in 20th Century VIII - The Works of Contemporary Female Composers" was listed in Concert Best 10 in 2016 by prestigious Ongaku-no-tomo Journal. (Dec.2016)

Thank you very much for coming to my recital

Thanks for everyone who came to my last recital Kondo Nobuko Piano Recital. Piano Works in 20th Century VIII - The Works of Contemporary Female Composers at Tokyo Opera City Recital Hallon October 26, 2016. I introduced a few of the best works by female composers who are actively working on their music. I would be glad if I could provide you with an opportunity to get acquainted with their precious works. (Nov. 2016)


Kaija Saariaho: Ballade for Piano (2005)
Karen Tanaka: Crystalline (1988), Techno Etudes (2000)
Keiko Harada: Except from Nach Bach (2004)
Unsuk Chin: Excerpt from 12 Piano Etudes (1995-)
Sofia Gubaidulina: Piano Sonata (1965)

The third album is now on sale

I have released my 3rd album on CD Kondo Nobuko Plays J. S. Bach - Musikalisches Opfer. It was nominated as the Best Disc of the Month by the Record Geijutsu Journal (Sep. 2015)

KONDO Nobuko, well-known as an expert on Bach's keyboard music, boldly challenges Ricercar a 3 of Musikalisches Opfer, which is apparently a masterpiece of J. S. Bach in his later years but is rarely played because of its technical difficulty. Also covered are Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue with a good feel of improvisation, and brisk and clear Italian Concerto. You can recognize the depth and diversity of Bach's music. (From the copy on the CD jacket)

Awarded The Arts Festival Excellence Awards by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs

My recital featuring "Natürliche Dauern" by K. Stockhausen in 2014 was awarded The Arts Festival Excellence Awards of Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs". (Dec. 2014)

The reason for the award
She played and introduced "Natürliche Dauern", the last piano work by K. Stockhausen, who was one of the trailblazers of 20th century music, in a solid and highly intensive performance. We experience how the birth and demise and growth and decay of the intricate sound organization could create and dominate the time-space, involving the direct experience of the listeners. The program note elaborated by the player herself delivered alongside excerpts of the scores was also very informative reflecting the depth of her research over many years. Her work delved into the profoundness of the music academically as well as artistically, and contributed to a re-evaluation of the composer. (Translation of the official announcement)

The award trophy